2 comments on “Star Wars, the Expanded Universe, and You

  1. I am fine with how they have determined canon and non-canon. I loved the movies (what I call the first three because they were the first three released) and when Lucas let Timothy Zahn write some novels I really liked his books. Then Lucas decided to loosen his strangle hold on the universe and open it up for other authors. If I remember correctly, there was an article that he had decided he wasn’t likely to ever get around to making the movies that were supposed to follow after Return of the Jedi so he would let people write those stories. The problem here is that so many people jumped on the band wagon and wrote some truly terrible stuff just to be able to write a Star Wars novel. Even authors I had previously liked wrote some terrible stuff. It was like they needed to do it as fast as possible because Lucas might change his mind or something. In fact, so much was so bad that I totally stopped reading any Star Wars books period. I think I would have been more upset if the EU materials became canon. It in no way ruins SWTOR for me for it no to be ‘canon’.

  2. See, I have yet to read a bad EU book. I may like one story more than another but so far, not a single one of them has been bad. It was a no win situation for Disney/Star Wars. I would have been fine with all of the works being EU. Someone, somewhere loved a work others despise.

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