One comment on “Richard III: Historically Misunderstood or Accurate Portrayals?

  1. I was a history major and my British History prof went on an on with evidence on this and I’ve read abit more about it since college. Richard III was devoted to his brother. He had legitimate evidence to the fact that his brother’s children were illegitament. But he may not have ever done anything about it had his brother lived longer and his heir been old enough to take the throne.

    But that didn’t happen. The country was already devided and rather than divide their side further with a regent and the internal power struggle that would result, he brought forth his proof and took the throne himself. He seemed to be sincerely doing out of concern for the country rather than personal power.

    And then he was dead in two years.

    Henry the VII was married to the elder sister of the two princes. There are two letters still existing that reference the writers having seen the two princes after the death fo Richard. Henry VII didn’t have the option of legitimizing his claim to the throne via marriage. If he tried to disclaim Richard’s proof of illegitimacy, then that would but those two boys ahead of him in line for the throne. So he couldn’t try to claim the right through marriage. He could only lay claim by virtue of conquest.

    Henry had more cause to get rid of the boys than their uncle. They would forever be political pawns that could be used against him. And William Shakespeare was writing the play for the granddaughter of Henry VIII. So he couldn’t really make Henry the villian. So I side with victors writing the history.

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