One comment on “If You Could …

  1. Poirot is not nearly as likable in the books as he is in the television shows. This is in a large part to the charm and mannerisms of the particular actor shown above. He turned an unpleasant little man from the books into the odd uncle in the family that was so amusing in his dislike of children that all the children loved him.

    America in the the Victorian Era was in interesting place. The average Middle Class family may have had a car or a nice pair of horses and a carriage. A middle class family would have enough disposable income that the family often had enough money for cook and a maid or a maid of all purpose who helped the lady of the house in the kitchen. This allowed the lady of the house to live a lifestyle of the more affluent.

    The poor were a lot poorer, but the middle class was a heck of a lot richer. Of course, there were still the limitations put on women and some additional silliness such as making cloth leggings to slip over the legs of the tables, end-tables, chairs, piano, any anything else that might have ‘limbs’.

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