2 comments on “Ideas Come from the Weirdest Places

  1. The actor’s name is on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t reach it. He IS Sherlock Holmes in my mind. He was the most perfect representation of the character. Both of the actors who played Dr. Watson were also very good. While I like RDJ’s Holmes as an action film and I love BC’s Asperger’s type of Sherlock with it’s very modern setting, they are simply interesting variation on Sherlock Holmes. The above actor is the only one to nail the character and personality as I think was intended. Brett! That is his name. Jeremy Brett. I figured it would eventually come to me.

    • Yup Jeremy Brett is it for me too, that’s the Sherlock in my post. 🙂 I can’t stand the idea of a female Watson as is currently on US television. I haven’t watched that version and won’t. Unlike that show’s producers, I firmly believe that you don’t mess with characters they way they were written by their creature, and in no respect would Holmes be Holmes with a female Watson.

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