5 comments on “2013: Change is in the Air

  1. I have decided on no more resolutions. Despite that, I am planning to walk for half my lunch break every work day. Oddly enough, taking better care of my fingernails is also something I’m wanting to do more this year.

      • I think it is because my work has me typing a lot and my hobbies have me using my hands. So I see the nails all the time. No matter how good you feel that day, messy, ugly, ragged or chipped nails become the focus because we are aware of our hands so much. And that will bring up down. And good looking nails end up acting like a pick me up.

      • Truer words and there is the whole other benefit of somehow they just make your hands look younger. I’ve suddenly have become acutely aware lately that my hands are aging and I am just vain enough that it is driving me bonkers.

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