2 comments on “Challenge Day 1: Your Favorite Book

  1. I started this book and I think I quit at page 40 but I know so many people who love this book, including my mother so I would really really love to finish it. I need to just do it and stop being such a weenie.

  2. I will answer this question not with the books I reread most often, (most all of Terry Pratchett's books), but the books I most often recommend when people ask for recommendations. These are books I love but don't trigger a desire to reread ad nauseam. The first is Grendel by John Gardner and the other is Green Grass Running Water my Thomas King. I suppose one should also read Beowulf if one intends to read Grendel. But I have this little mental block that tells me everyone who reads has had to have read it already. I shouldn't keep assuming that.

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