4 comments on “Stitching …

  1. I’m about to start on a Teresa Wentzler dragon. It was given to me on New Years Day. The woman who bought it as a kit realized her eyes had gotten to bad to do something as ambitious as a Wentzler pattern. I’ve done several of them. So I offered to rehome the project. She had gotten as far as sorting the floss. Which is good because I stitch my ‘x’s in reverse cross from most people. So I don’t have to try to match my direction to anything she already stitched.

    • I have so many things waiting for me that I’m even dreading sitting down and sorting through the WIP stack. But that being said, I know I will love doing so once I start. Mum’s angels are definitely up first however.

      • I keep telling myself I have to finish one of the little ones before I start anything else. That never works. My WIP has gotten to be a huge amount of half done projects. I keep it organized and rotate through it just enough so they can’t be called UFO’s just yet.

      • Mine is definitely, and most sadly, full of UFOs. That has to change or I shall never forgive myself.

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